Mark Snyder, Environmentalist, Shelby County

Environmental Public Health Services provided through the Health Department include:

-Food Safety Services, Online State Food Safety Course

A Certified Food Protection Manager Exam is proctored at the Health Department, advanced scheduling is required.  A few ways to achieve knowledge are through online education venues, with self-paced training modules (found at the above link) or by purchasing the National Restuarant Association “ServSafe” Course Book (available at the Health Department).  Manager courses are intended for chefs, supervisors, and leaders for $100.00 and includes the price of one examination session.  Our Basic Food Handler Class provides fundamental food safety training and exams for $20.00 per person.

-Daycare Inspections and Lodging Inspections

A link to Shelby County Daycare and Lodging Inspections can be found here.

-Communicable Disease Control
-Ensuring Safe Water Supply/ Well Water Testing Kits

The Shelby County Health Department provides Well Water Testing Kits for county residents.  Individuals can collect the Well sample and have it submitted to the State Public Health Laboratory for bacterial analysis.  The lab will test for Coliform Bacteria to determine if the water is suitable for drinking.   There is a $10.00 fee that must be submitted with the specimen in the form of a check or money order made payable to “Missouri Dept of Health and Senior Services”.  Results are reported back to the submitter within 48-72 hours of the sample being received by the state lab.  An explanation of the results can be found at the following web page, EXPLANATION OF POSSIBLE LABORATORY RESULTS.   Contact our office for further details about timely sample submission requirements at 573-633-2353.

-Lead Contamination  Click here for more information.
-On-Site Sewage

On-Site Wastewater Treatments Systems (OWTS)
The Shelby County Environmental Public Health Specialist consults Shelby County property owners to include prospective buyers and sellers regarding on-site wastewater
treatments systems and related standards; State of Missouri Laws 701.025 through701.059 and associated regulations 19CSR 20-3.060 to 20-
3.080 (  Occasionally Shelby County Health Department receives a formal complaint regarding an OWTS from an aggrieved party or adjacent landowner. The Shelby County Health Department is required by law to notify and make assessment or reported OWTS
deficiency to determine if the system is in violation of the “701” law. The system is required to meet the rules promulgated pursuant to sections 701.025 to 701.059,
including provisions relating to the construction, operation, major modification, and major repair of on-site disposal systems, when all points of the system are located in
excess of ten feet from any adjoining property line and no effluent enters an adjoining property, contaminates surface waters or groundwater or creates a nuisance as
determined by a readily available scientific method.
When a permit to modify or construct is required or after a violation notice regarding OWTS(s) is issued Missouri Department of Health Senior Services is the regulatory
-Additional OWTS Information
The questions often ask; what system do I put in and how? As there are several factors that relate to the decision as to what system is best suited? Consulting a registered onsite wastewater treatment system installer is a great first step.  All state-registered installers are recognized in Shelby County as state rules apply. Below is a map link listing those that have expressed interest in working in Shelby County.

-List of Contractors

-DHSS OWTS Guidelines

-Registered/Licensed OWTS Professionals



-On-Site Soil Evaluators


Residential Sewage Lagoon Systems:  A Homeowner’s Guide to Installation and Maintenance 

Septic Tank/Absorption Field Systems: A Homeowner’s Guide to Installation and Maintenance

-Emergency Response and Distressed Foods

Public Health issues dealing with fires, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, bio- terrorism, accidents, embargoes and food product recalls.  In the event of a wreck that involves the transport of foods, it is the responsibility of the Health Department to assess the condition of the food, drugs, cosmetics, or medical devices involved in such incidents and make decisions based on the public health policies and procedures.  Section 196.030, RSMo mandates the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and its representatives (the health inspector) to embargo those said items.  Response and evaluation are conducted as soon as possible.  Every effort is made to limit the number of products that are embargoed.

-Food Inspections and Food Safety

The Shelby County Health Department performs food inspections under the authority of the State of Missouri.  We assist with food safety, consultations, and education.  We inspect food establishments, mobile units, and temporary food events open to the public.  A food establishment plan review is conducted for new facilities and major remodels.  You can find the application link for food establishments related to new facilities or remodels here.

You can find the Missouri Food Code here.

Regulated Facilities Include:

Restaurants and Taverns

Temporary Food Stands

Grocery Stores

Convenience Stores



-Lodging Inspections

The health department inspects lodging facilities making assessments of the drinking water supply, wastewater handling, sanitation/housekeeping, life safety, fire safety, swimming pools/spas, plumbing and mechanical, heating/venting, air conditioning, etc.  Where local/municipal ordinances exist with regulatory requirements; municipal regulatory requirements are accepted by the State of Missouri and the Health Department.  Lodging guidelines can be found hereA listing of Missouri licensed lodging establishments can be found here.