Immunizations For ALL!

We are once again able to provide immunizations for everyone! If you have private insurance, give us a call to make your appointment!

Keeping your children safe from harm is one of your most important and dedicated tasks as a parent. Let us help by giving him or her the immunizations that they need to stay healthy and disease-free! We offer a variety of shots. DTaPPolioHibVaricella (chickenpox) Hepatitis BMMRMeningococcalHPV, and Prevnar can be given to infants and children. Tetanus boosters and Tuberculosis screenings can also be given to Adults. We keep all records here in the office so copies of records can be obtained at any time. Also, for little kiddos going off to kindergarten, a free goody bag is given when they receive their kindergarten shots here!  For a complete immunization schedule click on the CDC link below!  Just another way we are keeping your best interest at heart!