In Office Services

From flu shots and pregnancy tests to lab testing and TB screening, Shelby County Health Department offers clinical services for the community through our office. You can call ahead to make an appointment or just come in.
Our services are provided to all citizens of Shelby County and may include:
  1. B-12 injections (with a physician’s order)
  2. Birth and Death Certificates
  3. Blood Pressure checks
  4. Child Safety Seats
  5. Cholesterol Testing (with a physician’s order)
  6. Communicable Diseases
  7. Covid 19 Vaccine Clinics
  8. DNA Testing*
  9. Flu Shots
  10. Hemoglobin checks
  11. Immunizations
  12. Reduced rate lab draws (with physician’s order)
  13. PT/INR Screening (with physician’s order)
  14. Pregnancy Test
  15. Referral and Resource Information
  16. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) testing
  17. Staple/Stitch Removal (with physician’s order)
  18. Tuberculosis Screening
  19. UTI urine test
To learn more about the services provided at the Shelby County Health Department or to schedule an appointment, please call 573-633-2353.
*Must set up with through PTC labs in Columbia MO (888) 837-8323