Are you prepared for emergencies that may come your way? We never know when an emergency could take place but it is best to be prepared!

We are continually attending trainings and tabletop exercises to be ready in the event of a disaster.  Below are some examples of events we train to prepare for:
-Bio terrorism
-Ice Storms

Follow these links to be prepared for emergencies:

Disaster Tool Kit
Ready in 3
Missouri Storm Aware
Disaster Supply List

List of Storm Shelters in Shelby County:

Bethel Christian Church 327 North Main Bethel
Bethel Community Center 146 Maple
Bethel Clarence Christian Church 412 Old 36 Clarence

Clarence Methodist Church 310 South Center Clarence
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church 210 South Grand Clarence

Hunnewell Methodist Church 200 East Birch Hunnewell

Leonard Christian Church 172 West Hwy 151 Leonard

Shelbina First Baptist Church 202 West Walnut Shelbina
Shelbina Carnegie Library 100 North Center Shelbina
Shelbina Masonic Lodge 313 South Center Shelbina
St. Mary’s Catholic Church 309 East Chestnut Shelbina
United Methodist Church 200 East Spruce Shelbina

Shelbyville Christian Church 302 East 3rd Shelbyville
The Former Shelbyville Lutheran Church 805 East Main Shelbyville